Barbarian-Kara: Mihara Yasuhiro SS09

Mihara Yasuhiro has impressed me again, this time by blending tribal primitive simplicity with proper moto details. Incorporating disparate components into an attractive whole. The perforation on the boots and the steel toe on the sandals are both welcome surprises.

Something about the collection reminded me of a different sort of enterprising mind. T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia)
"All men dream; but not equally."
Certainly Mihara was dreaming of approaching a raw landscape, and meeting it with a careful strength. The pieces all have an acted upon, aged quality as well. Its a rare moment when something as straightforward as a boot can be transportive.


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Giancinephile said...

I'd love to own those shoes sans doute! haha

Ca said...

The second brown pair... summer dream.

Paul said...

Where could I buy this?: