Kanye West aka Martin Louis the King is a Gay Fish

I haven't made my dislike of Kanye "voice of the generation" a secret so it was a pleasant surprise when he fell into the crosshairs of the SouthPark guys, Matt and Trey, in last night's episode "Fishdicks". Basically Kanye doesn't understand a simple joke that's becoming popular nationwide and assumes its all about him because of his planet sized ego playing off of his microscopic intelligence. The animators also perfectly replicated some of Kanye's outfits and his friend's looks as shot by The Sartorialist a few months ago. For some reason the only video I could find plays nearly the entire episode but the first minute shows you the general trajectory. Enjoy.

Update: That's been removed naturally. Here's the Vocoder-laden spoof of "Heartless" instead.

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Giancinephile said...

I rather find myself agreeing to you to a great extent. He's getting way too overrated these days. I guess I'm just wary of the notion of the celebrity who's everywhere these days...