Odeur Autumn Winter 2009-2010 RTW

The Muppet Show's Swedish chef was the first experience I had with our Swedish friends. For years my only knowledge of their ways was restricted to Swedish Meatballs and Swedish Fish. After making friends with a die hard punk kid named Karl (who is also an engineer and a very vocal socialist) I began to suspect that Swedes could be awesome and not just muppets and makers of strange somewhat bland foods. Still I tend to think of them as a typically sunny people. Dark modernism doesn't flash immediately to mind. Maybe bittersweet romanticism (themes often visited by Acne). Odeur is making me review my simplistic (possibly racist? reverse-racist?) view of Swedes. I wouldn't say the designers have a chip on their shoulder but I believe the heavier side of utility and minimalism is taking center stage. Bold flowing deconstructed shapes combine with athletic-wear comfort in a welcome marriage of two worlds.

This collection won't be available stateside as far as I know but there are a number of online stores stocking the line such as Grandpa. The prices are actually very reasonable even factoring in shipping costs. I have my eye set on the outerwear.

Images courtesy of Odeur.


Cillian said...

Love the gloom and geometric shapes.

/Male Mode.

Ian Brown said...


Yeah it the collection has an attractively dark atmosphere.