AnOther Man: Hedi and Herzog

AnOther great issue from AnOther Man for Spring and Summer has arrived and this time its free, which is very kind. The issue features the work of superstylist Nicola Formichetti and some shit shot by some guy named Hedi whom is rumored to have some sort of clothing line project to unveil later this year. Whatever the situation may be he and Nicola sure can take pretty pictures together.

The mag also contains an Elizabeth Peyton inspired editorial and a discussion with one of my favorite film directors Werner Herzog (Red Dawn)and Errol Morris (Mr. Death; Vernon, Florida). The two discuss cinema verite, contrasting so-called "realism" with the ecstatic truths of the late Grizzly enthusiast Timothy Treadwell.

I had the pleasure of seeing Grizzly Man premiere at the National History Museum several years ago and a subsequent Q&A with Herzog himself. My question for him went unasked: Who would win in a cage fight a grizzly, or a bengal tiger?

Film fanatics unfamiliar Werner should consider reading his fantastic book Herzog on Herzog in which he discusses his craft, films, and his ideal version of film school which would include boxing classes. Next to Tarkovsky's Sculpting in Time its one of the richest discussions of a filmmakers approach and theory to making a movie.


Giancinephile said...

Maybe it's about time I go watch those Herzog films of mine that has been in my stack of DVDs for the loooongest time.

And it's REALLLLY good to have you back on the blogosphere!!!!!

Finally, your hiatus is over!!!!

Ian Brown said...

Thanks but you really should just go watch those Herzog movies immediately, whichever ones they are.

Cillian said...

Fantastic post, great to see someone incorporating cinema into a lifestyle blog.

Am ashamed to say I know little of Herzog apart from what I've picked up from a few mentions in some of my film lectures. Shall check out his work soon enough.

/Male Mode.

Ian Brown said...

Thanks Cillian. Herzog's films, without being sentimental, reach into psychological and intellectual topics that are sometimes uncomfortable to air out. He does so with the most wonderful magnetic dark humor.

sa said...


Ronna said...

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