Some Brave Apollo

Would these beady eyed anglo-saxon faces lie to you? April 77 has issued a series of items inspired by the the Apollo moon walk conspiracy. The basic gist of the conspiracy is this: The event that everyone watched around the world, live on tv, was actually an elaborately staged video drama to spook the Soviets. Moon walk skeptics ask if we were able to get to moon in '69 then why is it that now thirty years later we've never returned?

Personally, I don't care. But you can explore that tangent yourself.

Back to earth. Head uncorked from the stratosphere. If the premise and silly product description are set aside (pleats certainly do not protect you from solar radiation, kids), this jacket looks really incredible. Its about time someone revived the memory that astronauts (and pilots) were once treated like rock stars, and were deployed, naturally, in some of the most popular rock songs of all time. (Space Oddity, Rocketman, anyone?) . Who better to honor forgotten rock stars than April 77?

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