Beverly Hills Housewife For Sale

David Hockney's Beverly Hills Housewife painting, part of the gorgeous series "California Dreaming" is soon to go under the auction hammer at Christie's following the death of the original owner and subject of the painting Betty Freeman this past January. Hockney was good friends with Freeman a major patron of the arts. She was an angel to the great painters and modernist composers of the mid-20th century. Fans of Mark Rothko and John Cage owe her a priceless debt.

This painting was probably the centerpiece of her private collection but its striking and humorous faceoff between a mounted antelope head and Mrs. Freeman evokes so many bizarre tracks of thought. The housewife as a trophy. The housewife as a decorative fixture. Its an odd uncomfortable joke but a rich one as well. I am all but certain I've never seen more than two paintings from this series and very few important Hockneys at all. I hope this winds up in a major international show so I can finally get a chance to see more of Hockney's most well known work.

For more info on Betty Freeman and/or how you can spend your millions this May click here.

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