Art theft

You're in a creative mood and an idea comes that you feel is unique. You start working on it and you execute the idea to the best of your ability. Not too long after you are surprised and upset. The idea isn't new at all, its been done before and with a mature trained approach you aren't quite capable of. If you have ever worked in any of the arts or sciences you've probably come across this scenario more times than you'd like. I've personally designed things and seen them show up in films or on a shelf. It's frustrating.

The best you can do is make that idea your own and take it in a fresh direction. Look at it another way. Nothing's new, but anything can be made new in an updated context, or with the help of your unique personality and background. This problem frequently challenges the modern artist. Embrace your predecessors, borrow, and rob your ancestors for their greatest contributions. "Bad artists copy. Great artists steal."

And for your consideration, look for the traces of the masters found in the work of Peter Doig. I see bits of Bonnard,Monet, and Bruegel as well. What do you see?

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