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Lova is a young menswear design label whose name means kinship. They are one of many new houses targeting a growing group of young male professionals who have fun dressing up and whose social life requires a hint of flair. The current collection showcases a range of tailored suited up looks with a few smart details such as the hem fastening on a wool blazer. The most unusual thing about the brand is that it comes from L.A. Perhaps the old Hollywood elegance of the 50s and 60s is what they are going for. Lova is one of many current menswear designers fascinated by this era and referencing it heavily in tailoring and skinny ties.

It's no suprise that after a period of grunge and anti-fashion we would find ourselves in a decade of glamour and retro-chic. Once the iconoclasts have overstretched their case they leave the style conscious no choice but to return to the fundamentals. Fashion has always looked backwards to go forwards and sometimes with mixed results. Case in point: Bernhard Wilhelm's most confusing experiment with medieval costume. The show was a mix of theatrical costume and sometimes garish carnival. The line between the sins we love and the sins we hate is ambiguous but I believe that the weakness of the show was is that it lacked a consistent contemporary hook besides styling and color choices.

This is one of the tamer looks from the show.

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Giancinephile said...

It could only be good if the reference is to old Hollywood. The present state of it seems to perplex me mostly in not so good ways.

And I do believe that those years of grunge and anti-fashion has somewhat mellowed down. It's like Margiela's works aren't seen as radical as it was perhaps a decade ago.