The Discreet Charm of D&G

Its easy to love the little guy. The underdog excites us because though we don't share her talent we share her awkward newness. And then there are the big guys. The incumbents. Every so often the well-muscled brands that have fallen into irrelevance or worse, parody, wake up. These are the sleeping giants of fashion.

Versace got a shot in the arm a year ago from their consultant ex-Cloak maestro Alexandre Plokhov. The marriage of utility and masculine details with italian youthfulness is working. Lanvin has been incredibly impressive as of late leading the catwalks with dandified looks.

And then there are brands like D&G who are producing attractive campaings...but. Something isn't quite winning about the line yet. The silhouette is streamlined, yes. The fabrics are luxurious, yes. But there is a certain je ne se quoi lacking that could push it right over the edge. The jetset style is cool but the slickness of the materials make the line far too chilly. The advertisement campaigns are nice though.


Terencesambowrites said...

D&G has always been known to have great ad campaigns but i agree with u it does not translate into the sort of buyer frenzy one would expect... i think it fares better on the female side than the mens

Giancinephile said...

Definitely has a lack of that Je ne sais quoi factor. D&G is something of a love/hate thing for me. Well at least the label is not boring us with celebrities fronting the ad campaign like Patrick Dempsey for Versace. But still that je ne sais quoi factor often translates into something very desirable for me...