Introducing MYKROMAG: the thrilling adventures of a young impressionable fashion magazine

In a world where big name glossies are stuffed with bland ad campaigns, boring retreads of the same withered perspectives. In a world where celebrity covers rule with an iron fist, one little magazine will rise up to turn back the tide of banality. One magazine will break the rules.

Mykromag is that magazine. Coming this summer to a newstand near you.

Actually no, its web-based apparently. Which is a bit more convenient.

Its free. And...they have some really nice features with some fresh faces from around the fashion industry. They interview Bronx born model Shaun Ross and designer rising stars like James Long whose androgynous urban warriors are pictured below

Follow the link children.

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Cillian said...

Been looking forward to it for so long. Shall have a gander over it with a coffee later. Thanks for the tip-off.

/Male Mode.