Somewhere in Griffith Park

Sometimes a collection grows on you as Givenchy AW 09 is doing with me. I'm actually looking at leather leggings as plausible for Fall. Call me bonkers. More than that though I'm completely sold on the capes and much of the footwear coming this fall.

The following is an editorial from the last Arena Homme+ mag by Alasdair McLellan and frequent collaborator Panos Yiapanis. Alasdair's work can often be seen in the pages of Pop and V Magazine. His work exhibits a natural personality that brings to life daring high fashion looks. He can make a space suit look natural and down-to-earth.

Somewhere In Griffith Park
Photographer : Alasdair McLellan
Fashion Editor : Panos Yiapanis
Models : Simon Nessman, Joey Kirchner & Ryan Bertroche

Photos via The Fashion Spot

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