WTF? 8 1/2 Part Deux: With A Vengence

So something horrible came to my attention yesterday. Something truly despicable that made me aware of how low perhaps we've come as a civilization. I can only classify it as a form of audio-visual rape.

***EDIT: I have been informed that the movie "Nine" is not actually a sequel to 8 1/2, but actually based on a play of the same name which was heavily inspired by Fellini's film. I apologize to Will Smith, Daniel-Day Lewis, and Myley Cyrus for the indulgent rant but stand by my conclusion which still probably applies ...

In conclusion: fuck you Hollywood for your soulless disrespect for art.

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Giancinephile said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Hollywood does so much shit these days...

I could never imagine someone like Miley 'crappy pop star'Cyrus or Will Smith in a Fellini inspired project.

Disrespect is a very apt word!! Speaking of those fucked Hollywood projects, I remember when Amenabar's Abre los ojos was adapted by Hollywood by fronting that Tom 'not an actor I could compare to Eduardo Noriega' Cruise. The result was nothing short of kitschy. In this case, let them just leave Fellini behind esp. if Miley Cyrus is in it!!!!!!