Survival of the Fittest?

Everything ends. Even things that seem invincible or unimpeachable. The ubiquitous Crocs bit the dust, and so did the obnoxious domestic Hummer. The New York Times is reporting that the death of the Wall Street look is upon us. Coincidentally menswear is doing really really good right now
In a reversal of every recession in the last 100 years, figures show that men have not cut back on buying clothes as much as women have. They’re not buying power suits — they’re replacing them.

And the Old Grey Lady suggests a more expressive tact. Meanwhile Anna Wintour is teaming up with Mayor Bloomberg to excite shoppers back into stores across the city but the only thing that seems to be consistently grabbing shoppers' pursestrings is the persistent reduction of retail prices. Thus far the incentives aren't working well and shops are closing left and right. Some names are sure to bite the dust.


b for bhisan said...

ya i heard about the shopping late at night ..

some years ago i was in bangkok and this whole shopping mall was doing the whole theme... until 12 am ! except it wasnt a party but just bored husbands and overexcited shop-alcoholic wives with kids past bed times.

Blank Blog said...

yeah. retail definitely has taken a big hit lately.
the market supposedly is going up along with consumer confidence, but it's not quite 'there yet'
thoughts on when the rebound will bring us back to where we left off?

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