"Sewing is a contact sport.": Sruli Recht

I'm barely getting to know this designer Sruli Recht but his influences (former employer Alexander McQueen, cyberpunk author William Gibson) and his unique approach to a number of design fields have my attention. While Recht has caught flack for his use of controversial unsustainable materials, and his style is very unconventional it can't be denied his work speaks for itself. And he's so far been prolific putting his hands on a wide variety of disciplines from typography, illustration, to accessory design.

The bottom line, however, is that I just want all of these boots, even (especially ?) the sci-fi swashbuckling ones. Check out the Sruli Recht Fashion Spot interview here if you missed it.

Images via Sruli Recht


The Fashionisto said...

I want the first pair. They are so ridiculous. I hate being a size 13. :X

victoria said...

those boots are amazing. need to get my guy in those

K. said...

Oh I totally want those boots!!