The Seventies: sequins, ultra-wide lapels, and grotesque color schemes.


The Seventies: Bowie, Motley Crue, Big Star, and Iggy Pop?

The era was one of excess. Diane Vreeland's Vogue was drenched with now-poorly aged editorials, and fashion took a strange turn. The shameful sartorial choices of the era are so awkwardly linked however with some of the best of rock and roll. David Bowie through the years was no consistent style maven. His stage persona was draped in camp gesture. Still, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Pictured below is Bowie back in the glam days with guitarist Mick Ronson wearing an unfortunate windsor knot. Bowie looks fucking rad in the photo. Check out that jacket. Its pretty badass, though the wingspan of his lapels is ridiculous he's definitely ready for a proper space quest in that get up.

Image courtesy of The Contributing Editor photograph by Mick Rock

Seeing it immediately revived the memory of this SS09 Tim Hamilton blazer that I've been lusting after. I love the Op-art quality of the converging panels on the back. Somehow it looks better without the broad lapels and embellished piping. It's like an Ellsworth Kelly. Very sharp.

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