Black Arts: Antonin Tron SS 09

Designers like young Antonin Tron (and every one who lays their hand on a new material or method of construction) has a great design godmother in Elsa Schiaparelli. Once Chanel called her an "artist who makes clothes". Her humor, surrealist inspired shapes, colorful, and opulent garments are not just artistic clothes but prime examples of how fun fashion has been and can be. Elsa invented hot pink.

I came across this interview of Tron dicussing his current collection "La Jetee" with Dazed Digital. He discusses his inspirations: the Danse Macabre. The translation provides even more medieval looks for a moody spring. The looks towards this period, the high renaissance with its new worlds and unstable empires provide a fruitful comparison I'd like to delve into sometime soon here on the blog.

The embellishments of gold, and amber elevate the pieces and also add a sense of power and light to an otherwise gothic portrait of a man, while volume is built up with an elegant modern hand. I believe the drama would make Schiaparelli proud.

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