Iconoclast: Marilyn Minter

Since the 80s Marilyn Minter has been rocking the boat. Seizing on the sexual anarchism of Germaine Greer, Minter painted pornographic film scenes. This deeply offended both the art world and feminists. A decade later her work is now not only respected but she photographs with designers, has produced a micro line of skateboards with Supreme, and recently had a retrospective at the Whitney, all maintaining the same independent spirit.

Her paintings are gritty and unsentimental. Women grip strands of pearls with chapped lips. Ankle strap heels splash through filth. Yet her photorealistic paintings are incredibly beautiful. The tension is palpable but also exquisite.

Personally, Marilyn means a lot to me. She was my painting teacher while I studied at the School of Visual Arts. She has no boundaries, is honest, patient, and most importantly appreciates my sense of humor. My fellow classmates and I would sometimes mock her about her catchphrase,"Art is about ideas!"...but she's right and her art definitely shows she's still thinking through some provocative ones.


brendan donnelly said...

she was my painting instructor as well! she hated my art and told me i should think of a new career path.

Ian Brown said...


Haha...she's definitely opinionated. I'm surprised she said something so bluntly to you though, we always thought that she didn't communicate disapproval clearly.

Ironically one of the most successful students from our class, "Neckface", called her a cheerleader.