Looking Forward: Lone Costume SS09

The Korean designer Juun J bases his line Lone Costume around structural transformations and novelty. Veering off the familiar path of men's tailoring Juun pushes the forms into new silhouettes. The SS09 collection displayed earlier this year saw a departure from his past trench coat obsession with reproductions of the iconic motorcycle jacket, the cardigan, and oxford shirt with stunningly irreverent results.

The jackets were extended and wrapped around into cloaks. Cardigans were sewn into the waistlines of pants. It's hard to pick a favorite, but several of these pieces stood out as covetable as a double breasted jumpsuit in gray.

A few accents of color were present in a two button blazer with an extended back panel produced in coral and sky blue.

The jackets were layered and extended like a fruit being unpeeled but there was an edge to it too. Juun believes that Fashion is both an art and a business. Looking back on his collection its easy to see his attempt to bring his vision to life while also creating desirable clothes. Lone Costume is unisex but skews towards masculinity. The clothes are playful, relaxed, and progressive yet essentially examples of good tailoring.

His recent collection will be available for sale at Seven in the spring. Watch out, Costume tends to sell quickly. Some recent additions to Seven's stock already sold out like this hi-top collaboration with Reebok.