Morrissey Releases A New (Pretty Awesome) Single

Speaking of maudlin, no one does it better than Morrissey. No one. Period. Before Elliott Smith there was a Moz. Before Jeff Buckley there was a Moz. In the beginning was Moz. Got it?

His great voice and his black humor combined continue to serve up great songs of loveless time and witty social commentary. New Wave junkies have been waiting to hear a new LP for a year and a half. Hopefully the album, Years of Refusal, sounds as good as the new single "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris". Moz is looking for love but only the city streets will show him some affection. I find this hard to believe a) having seen a dozen concert videos of men and women throwing themselves at Mr. Morrissey's feet b) having tried to love streets before (I'm looking at you Rivington! I gave you my heart!) and receiving nothing but tetanus and pneumonia.

Download it here: I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris


Gnarlitude Jen said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THE MP3! I've gotten a million versions of it LIVE since I heard him play it last year for my birthday and love it so much.
My husband got my Moz tickets for xmas. So excited + anxious already.

Ian Brown said...


You're welcome and I'm very jealous. I missed the chance to see him last year at MSG and I think I'll never forgive myself.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Thank you for the download!!! God, I wish my husband would buy me Moz tickets...

Happy New Years!


Ian Brown said...

You're welcome!