The Next Big Trend: Watermelon Sneakers

I have a serious problem with watermelons. When I was ten years old I ate my last slice of watermelon. The sun was blazing that day. Some friends were over, and we were all eating watermelons like they were the last ones on earth. Two of my best friends, my little sister, and me had our fill of the melon. Afterwards, and too soon, we headed over to the pool. My sister jumped in last, and she was only in the pool for a few seconds. She immediately hopped out and started vomiting. Naturally I did what any ten year old brother would do while his sister was doubled over and ill; I exploded in laughter along with the rest of my friends.

Then looking at all of the melon colored puke. I joined her, and then my friends did as well. We were all gagging. We were all sick the rest of the day learning the hard way not to mix swimming and full stomachs. What had started out as good clean fun soon devolved into a grotesque nightmare borne from the sinister loins of melon patch hell. I recovered, but my taste for watermelon did not.

That said, maybe its just the black in me but I can't help getting a smile out of these Watermelon shoes made by Vans. They are releasing an entire line of watermelon sneakers in all styles. I kind of need them, at least for an inappropriate and racially insensitive halloween costume that I've been meaning to do for years.

(via HighSnobriety)


Gnarlitude Jen said...

OH WOW! I'm not a chukka boot wearer so I'm having a hard time deciding between the slip on and era. These are amazing! I can't wait for their release. As if I need another pair of Vans!
BTW that's a hilarious story and now I kinda wanna see just how neon watermelon vomit is.

Ian Brown said...

Watermelon vomit is more coral than neon. Personally I don't wear vans slip ons anymore because they look like big shapeless socks to me, but I think the chukka and era are sick.

MDS said...

It's true. You won't really get that neon effect unless you're eating watermelon Freezies or popsicles or something artificial.