Whatever Happened To Gemma Ward?

Apparently the doll-faced Supermodel starred in a couple of movies this year. She terrorized a suburban family in The Strangers as the masked murderer known appropriately as "doll-face" in the script and then she starred in the critically acclaimed film Black Balloon. Her performance was praised for being natural and warm proving once again that models are not glorified mannequins.

I haven't seen the film myself but I am excited to do so. Having done my dues in front of and behind the camera on some fashion shoots I am easily annoyed by the lazy opinion concerning models by some folks. Perhaps I was spoiled, but almost all of the models I know personally are the fun and intelligent breed. I applaud Gemma displaying her talents and look forward to more from her in whatever form.


Anonymous said...

She's taken time out to grief her boyfriend's death, Heath Ledger. And that is a FACT.

Ian Brown said...

Really? I had no idea.

Giancinephile said...

I know models making a crossover to acting has a somewhat notorious image of mediocrity but there could perhaps be a few exceptions like Laetitia Casta who I believe has done well in some French productions that she did. Her 2007 film with Stefano Accorsi was superb! haha... Monica Belluci has an impressive filmographie in European productions as well.

Whereas the likes of Cindy Crawford and Milla Jovovich might have personified that image of mediocrity perhaps? What's truly tricky in this enterprise is when models end up in stereotypical roles or when they are type casted. Would that be the right term for it?

Ian Brown said...


I didn't know about Laetitia film roles but Monica Belluci is a goddess. I would die if I met her.

I think the type casting results from a lack of effort or lack of faith from their agents. Just a theory.