Two year old menswear label Garde Robe strikes a vein with reimagined staples. Experiments in outerwear continue to be a strong point for the young designer as Olivier Borde delivers clever takes on the denim jacket, the tuxedo, and peacoat. Borde uses bold asymmetrical shapes in patterns and patchwork like a prism releasing fractured beams of color. Silhouettes are soft and boyish. The shirts are silk, and the harem trousers are likewise lined in silk. The integration of toughness and angularity with soft lines and boycut jackets are sure to please followers of designers Philip Lim and Kris Van Assche.

Buyers and stockists should head to Olivier Borde pronto for Garde-Robe S/S 09.


Ca said...

Bright and light, I can't wait for spring.

And thank you for the great comment!

Ian Brown said...

When summer hits all I can think about is fall, and winter makes me dream of spring.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Thanks for sharing this collection, I'm a definite fan!

I am completely the same when it comes to seasons. It is all down to the shows and magazines being one season ahead...we always want the future.

Ian Brown said...

Steve: While I definitely do get pumped for every new season,I was more referring to how I hate extreme weather! Summers and winters are brutal in New York.