New York I Love You: Greenpoint

This marks the first of what will hopefully be a regular series of profiles on one of my favorite topics, New York City.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn is neighborhood with a large eastern european population. You'll see plenty of unremarkable strip-mall shops but the area is also home to a number of unique vintage and thrift stores like Alter Men(109 Franklin St. near Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY. 718-784-8818). Alter is known for taking apart old garments and creating original one-off pieces under the label This Old Thing and also offering a variety of indie brands like Hyden Yoo, Cheap Monday, and Kill City.

If you still need another reason to check out this shop they provide this hook on their site: You can shop at a cute, uncrowded, independently-owned boutique just minutes from Manhattan. A store with no long lines, no gross music and no frumpy sales people to take away your holiday cheer. A place like Alter.

A perfect description.

After treating yourself to Alter head over to Lost and Found (113 Franklin St) where you can have the world's best bloody mary/meal substitute. You can also play a few games of skee-ball in the arcade and take a picture with your new gear in the photobooth.

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