Bad Boys or Good Seeds

Over the past year the male catwalks have been given over to models with that bad-boy-next-door look. Jethro Cave is in the ranks of Ash Stymest, Cole Mohr, Josh Beech, and Tyler Riggs but he's actually been in the game for three years. He was seen everywhere from CoSTUME NATIONAL to Gareth Pugh this season. Fashion has embraced boys that embody both boyish androgyny and an inherent sense of humor and style. I'm surprised at how at home these kids are on the catwalks as much as editorials. Jethro was profiled by Times Online UK last September:

He’s a proper peacock, this one — he gets his suits from charity shops (“I just buy ’em and wear ’em”) and doesn’t mind spending a few hours on a look. Today’s get-up — before being replaced with a Topman suit for these pictures — consisted of a beat-up leather jacket (bought in Brighton, where his dad lives with his wife, Susie Bick, and their two sons), skinny jeans, boots repaired with gaffer tape, a bum bag featuring an Aussie flag and a self-administered undercut. At a recent festival in Oz, his alter ego was “Joffle, king of the troglodytes”, resplendent in a cloak and with a staff. The urge to wear a dress can also be strong. “Well, you’ve got to frock up sometimes,” he says.

I single out the aussie raised Jethro Cave because he has three things to set him apart.

A) A distinctive head of hair. Here he is shot by designer and photographer Hedi Slimane.

B) The sense to compose this outfit.

C) A cool dad.

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