Golden Years With The Old Legends

The new Moz album is out on the interweb. I only have had the chance to listen to it once through so I won't comment on it. But expect a full review by sundown tomorrow. Its not the only album to come out recently from an aging new wave legend, by nowI trust all of you have listened and/or purchased David Byrne and Brian Eno's latest collaboration. You probably heard about the big fancy building that Byrne turned into an instrument. He's a genius. He's made some great albums. If you rewind history, and take a seat on the set of The Old Grey Whistle I still think you see something that no amount of theatrics can provide.

When other "cool bands" in rock were still camping it up in glitter and costume, the Talking Heads hit the scene wearing slim fitting trousers and cotton polo shirts. They were effortlessly cool without the stupid outfits. Their sound was raw. Byrne's voice was peculiar and dramatic. It wasn't dramatic because he was trying to sound scary. It was odd because it was so honest that it tore through the rule books. The percussion section was literally married, Chris Frentz and Tina Weymouth. And Jerry Hanson played his heart out too, and he was good.

Here they are debuting Psycho Killer at the Old Grey Whistle many years ago.

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