Covetable: Missoni RTW Fall and Winter 2009-2010

I'm sure you've been there too. Your friend convinces you to go out, but you argue you don't have anything to wear. They toss something out. You feel good about it. The night rolls on and you start feeling even better about the outfit. A number of people compliment you on it. Suddenly, you kind of need that borrowed garment.

For me that moment came most recently when I borrowed a missoni sweater from a friend. Ever since then I've kind of needed those insane patterns in my life.Though I'm not interested at all in the patchwork section of the show, there are a plently of pieces to keep my love burning. You can always count on Missoni to bring color into autumn and winter. It's like clockwork. From the torquise jewel tone trouser to the red shawl collar sweaters. This show had a great seasonal palette.

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