Gareth Pugh To Helm Dior Homme?

The blogoverse is rumoring that Gareth Pugh, who has just only a couple of days ago released his first menswear collection may soon replace Kris Van Assche at Dior. Exciting news for the young brit and his fans. Fashionisto culls from Grazia and EDerek Blasberg that LVMH is ready to shake things up It couldn t come at a better time for Dior as it becomes clear Van Assche is not finding his footing with men's collection which started out rocky with his 90s hip hop obsession and has gone nowhere since. Except to retrace, unconvincingly the steps already trod by Hedi Slimane. Dior Homme became sadly dull under Van Assche.

Pugh would be a major break from that cycle in a way that LVMH hopes would mirror the strange success of Galliano for Dior's womenswear, bringing fierce artistic vision to push the the line forward. While Galliano's aesthetic is retro-costume dippinging into fashion's past, Pugh is one of the few names consistently building futurist worlds, though to differing levels of success. He always brings drama but wearable clothes are rare. His first men's collection, seemingly inspired by Hellraiser, is dangerous and dark. Leather pieces embellished with pins defy the rules of comfort. The makeup is a bit haunted house, but Pugh shows rare shapes for a men's show, and also an array of beautifully strange quilted coats. The most desirable being the trench displayed above, though others compete for attention with bizarre sharp shoulders not unfamiliar to fans of Pugh.

What do you guys think: Can Pugh take on Dior Homme?


Giancinephile said...

I do believe so!

But the rock & roll vibe is gonna be less with Pugh. It's clearly not gonna be the Dior that was fixated with music, bands, rock stars, London... it's gonna be a little different, I guess.

Joe George said...

I agree with what Gian said above. It won't be like Hedi but I think it will surely be a lot better than what it is now.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I think the house of Dior needs to escape from the shadow left by Hedi's departure. It is clear that Kris Van Assche can only take the house so far (in the wrong direction). Pugh would certainly make an interesting appointment.

Bill said...

I'm sorry, but I absolutely hated the Pugh show.

I felt it was just the same dark, moody, creepy, depressing crap that designers drag out year after year as "avant-garde". There was nothing new about it, just the usual fashion freak show nonsense.