Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

The year Uniqlo first opened its flagship in Soho, New York they released a collaborative t-shirt collection. It was very well received for the humor, and also understated graphic patterns. Uniqlo in New York has gotten a bit better in terms of supplying a better variety of cuts and interesting pieces as they realized the market was welcoming to them, but the later tee collections have strangely never matched the first.

Maybe print design is something the company is just not good at editing. But most of the shirts look like they could be found at Urban Outfitters (though for three times the price).

The only one that stood out to me was, naturally, this women's zebra print shirt.

I wouldn't pay 15 dollars for any of these. Why bother Uniqlo? There are screenprinting guys with folding tables on Broadway with better designs than these. Hire one of them. That gripe aside Steven Alan's capsule line and the rumored Opening Ceremony fling are both firmly on my radar.

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