Neoboy and the Poptones

Jun Takashi posted images from his upcoming collections for Undercover "NeoBoy" and "Poptones" for Spring Summer 09. As usual I'm not only interested I'm impressed and there are a number of remarkable pieces included in these dual collections. Poptones harkens back to the early days of the rock and roll generation. An assembly of various plaids are present. Sharply tailored jackets are paired with slouchy voluminous trousers. Metallic threading and materials evokes images of sparkling Cadillac chrome.

Neoboy devolops a more dramatic urban approach but retains some pop symbolism.

The pairing of leggings, tall shafted boots with cutoff shorts is a winner for me. I'm a sucker for well employed digital printing.

More reassembled motorcycle jackets with knit sleeves from Jun. This time with much more restraint.

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