Embellished Men: Wooyoungmi RTW Fall Winter 2009 2010

It's not often that ornament finds its way into the halls of menswear. Recently I've been speaking a bit towards the effect a hat, or lapel emellishment can have on ones overall look. After the Milan and Paris shows, its patently clear that menswear designers are moving towards a decorated male image in spite of other more sobering trends, men's accessories are stretching into a territory not explored for decades. Woouyoungmi showcased all of these emergent features in beautiful hats and lapel pins in her collection which bridged Korean folk culture with modern streetwear.

Another significant trend: capes. They're all over this season,and Wooyoungmi put them center stage with a variety of militaristic capelets in leather and wool, cut in a variety of styles. They added graphic contrast and provided a clear canvas for detailing.

The show is not perfect, the first look down the runway bore no connection to what followed, but the collection has a lot to offer for a variety of settings. The designer also continued the movement towards sensible double breasted suit jackets but paired them with leggings. It wasn't a look many men will risk at the office. A pair of trousers with a elasticized ribbed knit cuff.


Terence Sambo said...

these are awesome! i can totally wear them...wow first male ponchos now cropped armless knits....incredible :o)

shi zhan said...

レイバン ウェイファーラーをプレゼントにするから、一つ選んで」とお客さんに言われた。いつも指名してくれる、Ray Ban好きのおじさんだった、自分もサングラスが好きというアピールをしていたが、そんなに興味なかった。せっかくの誕生日プレゼントなので、いらないとは言えないし、適当にレイバン RB2143を選んだ、たまに使えるからいいっか。