I Wanna Be A Rough Rider

No. Not those Rough Riders. I'm talking about Teddy Roosevelt's hard-nosed calvary.

I saw a pair of boots by Tom Ford last year that took a hold of my imagination. I've never been as taken with a pair of riding boots before I saw those. What made those riding boots so unique was their combination of the classic shape of a riding boot with some of the grittiness of a motorcycle boot. Unfortunately aside from the chance meeting at Bergdorf Goodman's, I've never been able to see those boots again. That hasn't kept me from looking for close substitutes. I feel like the following examples would fit right in on the trail.

Rogan x Frye

John Lobb


dongjoo said...

teddy was one interesting dude.

Ian Brown said...


Ca said...

The John Lobb ones are perfection!