Raf Simons AW 08-09 Collection @ Seven

That's right. Raf Simons' badass A/W 08 collection is now available at Seven and everything is 25% off. The collection has a lot going for it: bold modern shapes, a Mark Rothko inspired color story, all for a stunning visual impact. The clothes are explosive.

Star Lapel Digital Tweed Jacket

Digital Tweed Turtleneck w/zippered pockets

Brown and Orange leather clothes w/ cashmere lining.

These might actually be my favorite items. The two tone effect works well. The orange contrasting with the brown reminds me of liquid fire.

Maroon funnel collar jacket.

Pheonix Jacket

Love the brushtroke flame print and the "funnel" collar. Covet.

Nehru collared burlap blazer

The trousers of this collection deserve a mention now that I've seen them outside the runway photos. They have large pouch pockets upfront that form a fresh silhouette like a modernized jodhpur or riding pant. The square shape compliments both the padded and unpadded jackets rather well.

The collection is militant, fresh, and very wearable. It reminds me why I first started watching Raf Simons to begin with.


Giancinephile said...

With Rothko as reference, it could only get more interesting and inevitable (for as long as the funds will allow me) to make a purchase without thinking twice. haha

Ian Brown said...


The Rothko aspect is definitely a big draw for me.

susie_bubble said...

I basically wanted to buy the whole collection for Steve....

Ian Brown said...

I'm sure he won't mind.