La Bande De Musee

Its taken a while but after Robert Crumb broke the gate down comics have been gaining recognition as art from elite institutions all over the world. Winsor McKay never dreamed of the attention, scholarship, and admiration. Still there is a status available to Japanese, and European artists that American cartoonists only dream of. Now that gap edges slightly wider as the Louvre has opened this past thursday an exhibition entitled La Louvre Invite La Bande-Dessinee avec les artistes Eric Liberge, Benar Yslaire, et Araki Hirohiko creator of the uber popular manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventures. Many of the images and strips depict characters in action with the Louvre as a backdrop, and a few make much needed improvements on that Mona Lisa thing.

While we have had such exhibits before in the states, nothing quite stands up to the prestige of the Louvre.

The exhibit is open to the public until April 17.
Via Coxsoft Art News.

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