Excuse Me, Pardon Me Givenchy

I've actually really grown to enjoy Givenchy's latest collection since it was unveiled many moons ago. Partly because of these gladiator oxfords, and also because of the collections bold direction, I came to respect the looks marriage of boyscout, lace, and roman warrior.

But nothing really explains why this guy is burping in their latest ad campaign.


underneath said...

To me this guy could do ANYTHING! He is really a new, rare found!

Giancinephile said...

Hmmm looks like the guy's possessed! haha

Ca said...

I agree, a very bold direction. But we need something new in menswear, something a bit odd for change.

Style Salvage Steve said...

His footwear stood out for me (in a good way). With regard to this ad, rather than burping I think the chap is about to launch in a long yodle.

Ian Brown said...

Underneath: Agree to disagree.
Gian: Maybe he's reflexively burping out a foreign spirit?
Ca: Abolutlement. I appreciated the collection for that reason.
Steve: The footwear was the high point for me too. If that guy is yodeling than I retract my criticism. I love yodeling.