Weiner Signs On For Mad Men Seasons 3 & 4

Okay. I feel much better now. Looks like the Golden Globes made an impact, for once. Matt Weiner signed a new contract to rejoin the Mad Men production. Variety Reports-
After months of negotiations, "Mad Men" creator and exec producer Matthew Weiner has cut a two-year deal with Lionsgate TV that will keep him at the helm of his Emmy-winning AMC drama.

Details of the pact were sketchy Friday, but it is said to cover Weiner's services on "Mad Men" for the show's third and fourth seasons as well as other TV development. It also includes a component for a feature project through Lionsgate.

According to Vulture this contract also increases the budget for the show. There was some mention of CGI. Don Draper's digital-sidekick a la Jar Jar Binks? Probably not. I'm guessing Weiner's desire for digital fx has something to do with fleshing out the historical setting. How often do you see the cast walking around New York? Not so much. Or maybe they'll create some unique perspectives on historical events?

Whatever the case, Weiner is signed on for two seasons and I am gonna celebrate with a bottle of Wild Turkey and a virgin pack of Marlboros.

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