Prada RTW Fall Winter 2009-2010

With economic times at hand few designers this season are taking exceptional risks on the catwalks. Instead we have seen a return to familiar flavors, looks, and house standards. Prada's 'Survival' show is a return to the male image of her 90s collections with updated cuts and technology. The suits were on trend with double breasts and peak lapels and of course very saleable in charcoal and black. Aside from the occasional orange stripe the show was severe and dark.

Studs appeared first on shoes, and then covered everything from topcoats, to trousers, and even oxford shirts. And there was a headband with black leather tassles hung from the back ready for the Roman Coliseum. While the show returned the Prada male towards more traditional macho concepts, that of the biker and the gladiator, they were scaled down and spread out so much as to become mere texture in ubiquity.

The show was dreary and the Survival title is more an apt description of the safety of the show more than the empowerment of the Prada man. In this economy I suppose, who can really blame the pantheon of big name designers for being safe?

Images via WWD and Dazed Digital.

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