Primary Colors

We get used to a certain kind of color or form or format, and it's acceptable. And to puncture that is sticking your neck out a bit. And then pretty soon, that's very acceptable. - Lee Krasner
Dr Marten's Primary Pascal series look much better than the previews suggested. I was afraid they were a bit pastel but the hues are just bold enough. My current Dr Marten obsession carries on. The blue pair could work really well in a monochromatic outfit.

Martens is hardly alone in pushing a wide spectrum of color this spring. Philip Lim elaborated on this year's color trend, shifting from mustard, dandelion, to squash.
Van Assche surprised with an uncharacteristically colorful Dior Homme collection, Antonio Azzuolo painted a refeshing picture with electric blues and strawberry reds. His collection needs no defense. Its really just enjoyable to look at.

Its' was a year of constant discovery for me as I've locked onto young brands like Undercover, represented in the cardigan above, or Grey Ant whose sunglasses I've taken a shine to. Some older labels like John Lobb have recaptured my interest with killer accessories like this red suede boot.

Green is the official color for brands telling a rugged story. Its the color of the huntsman, the ranger. The shades accounted for in todays market represent simplicity and a romantic naturalism. Its not an accent, its a foundation.


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