Op Art: Hugo by Hugo Boss RTW Fall Winter 2009 2010

A little optical illusion for Fall? While Moschino opted for a bit of french surrealism tromp d'oeil, both Raf and now Boss have been exploring more German wells of inspiration. Though while Raf drinks deeply from Weimar, its a topic he has mined successfully for years, Boss's attempt with Op Art and industrial new wave is rather uneven. Delivering a black and white convection of lines which throw off the eye more than invite a curiousity.

A note should be made at this point, though the topic will be addressed later as I gather the dominant trends for the season. Suddenly everyone is doing capes. Burberry, Etro, McQueen, and now...Boss? Now I love capes, but I'm wondering if the general buyer will want to throw one over his shoulder, and his client's. There were some notable pieces in geometic patterns, a series of taut angular jackets, like a hard edge bolero, and series of knot-less ties also piqued my interest.


EJ said...

If I have to go into shops and FORCE people to wear capes, then I will. Capes are awesome (I almost shouted this at someone in a theatre, but though that it might be a little inappropriate).

Ian Brown said...


I'll bring the pain if you bring the noise and we'll enforce this cape trend. Its a good cause.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Boss was really cutting some shapes out there. I'm surprised by it to be honest. All about the capes!