Gaziano & Girling

There's something to be said for comfort. Dressing up can be a bit masochistic as we squeeze our feet into a pair of shoes that are slightly small, or perhaps decide to wear a tie and jacket rather than a loose fitting t-shirt. We suffer for our style. I have often said that comfort is not the first thing that comes to mind when composing a look. But on occasion a shoe just fits so right. Sometimes elegance isn't sacrificed for comfort as is the case with these custom made dress boots by Gaziano & Girling Leffot says can't stay in the shop. Their customer claims
“Since I’ve been wearing G&G my feet no longer bother me”. That’s a strong statement and a testament to the fit and support that’s truly unique to Gaziano & Girling shoes.

Not only do they look great, but they “feel” great as well, and that’s exactly what investing in quality footwear is all about.

Even if they weren't, I can't stop lusting over these beautiful boots, the weight of the double sole, and perfect length of the toe.

Leffot is located at 10 Christopher Street New York, NY.

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