How To Make Grandma (Or Vintage Clothes) Smell Nice Again

One of the unfortunate drawbacks to shoping thrift and vintage is the smell of garments just released from the miserable mothballed wardrobes of the elderly (actually I had a 22yr old roommate in college who stuffed our dorm room with fucking mothballs giving my new clothes that special aroma). Mad Men costume designer Jamie Bryant provides the key to killing that mothball stink. A huge thanks to FashionIndie for finding this info!

Apparently spraying a cocktail of vodka and water is the solution. So spritz Nana and she'll smell fresh as morning dew. Or use it to freshen up these sick pieces from Housing Works and Zeen.

Housing Works currently has some great garments for sale like this dark purple colored blazer.

Its so on trend it hurts. I would only have a few alterations done, but otherwise its a perfect substitute for some of the natural organic shapes we saw from Lanvin and Burberry last year.

I'm really focused on flesh tones and earth tones this year. I'd be thrilled to have this around to work with. If you live anywhere near New York and you haven't added Housing Works to your regular list of vintage shopping targets...I pity you. Go sit in the corner. No, I'm kidding. Go out and shop with them. It's for a good cause.

Zeen continues to amaze with their network of sellers. It seems very well curated to me.

A little bit Alex Olch? Except not. But very cool nonetheless.

Love, love, love Ralph Lauren. Always. And I love this jacket.


cin shady said...

HAHAHA oh dongjoo with his mothballs. so precious.

Ian Brown said...

Haha yeah the dorm room always had a sour taint to it.