George Lois

Real life Mad Man. George Lois saved a troubled MTV with a fresh ad campaign in the eighties featuring some of musics biggest names. He is author, photographer, and respected advertisement creator. His iconic Esquire covers spanning 1962 to 1972 were game-changing.

"I've always thought of Andy as a bold innovator and a smart thinker, but he was a far cry from a Marchel Duchamp or a Manray" Paradoxical, he may be. He views Pop Art as a malnourished son of Dadaism but views advertising as an art-form (as opposed to a science). Lois dared to believe advertising could be art before Pop Art was imported to the U.S. "Advertising is poison gas. It should absolutely attack you; it should rip your lungs out!" George Lois' Esquire covers are on display at the MoMa until March. You can also view his work at his website here